Friday, July 31, 2009

Here we go!!!

Well, in about 34 days we will be winging it to Milan and I will continue this Blog as often as feasible from Italia. The plan is to fly to Milan where we will see Leonardo's "Last Supper" on Sunday...and if time permits, visit the Duomo and Duomo Museum. Then Monday we will travel by rail to Cinque Terra for a couple of days with the sun and sandy (small rocks,mostly) beaches...on to Lucca (Puccini's home town) on Wednesday and then to Assisi on Thursday (visiting friends and our Italian "family"). We will bum around Umbria and Tuscany for a few days, squeeze in an overnight in Naples to visit those folks and then two days in Sorrento and the final two days in the Eternal City.

That's the let's see if we stick to it. Italy is so seductive that if one encounters a new place and falls in love with that place, it is sometimes difficult to leave.

Stay tuned...

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