Thursday, May 3, 2007

How to assure you will get to Italy!

Just a note on the best way (in my opinion) to assure that you get to a ticket right now for some dates in the future...investing at least $800 in a round trip ticket (from the west coast of the US) or at least $500 ( from the East Coast) most often assures that the trip will take shape and will, in fact, happen. It is hard to take that first step because if one has never done the latter it is a big step into the unknown. Just think about that ticket and start planning a trip that might take you more than 7,000 miles from your comfort zone to a country where they might not speak your language and where the culture most certainly will be, to some degree, different.

Don't think about it...just do it...we all seem to spend too much time trying to act rationally and with forethought and too little time being spontaneous and taking risks!

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