Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So we take the train to Venice...

The train to Venice can take as little as slightly under five hours. We left Rome in the late morning and arrived Venice mid afternoon. We had been to Venice in 1984 on a tour but this time we were on our own but quite comfortable that we had planned well and with the assistance of the Rick Steve's travel books, we made all of our Venice accommodations online and with ease. We stayed at the Pensione Gueratto, just a few short steps from the Rialto Bridge. We walked out of the train station and just like it said in the book, walked over to the ticket kiosk for the Vaporetto, bought our 24 hour ticket and and took the fast taxi to Rialto. As suggested by Rick's book, we traveled light with carry on sized luggage, one each, and a small backpack each and it is a good thing because getting across the bridges in Venice would be a hassle with large bags or with more than one bag to wrestle. We certainly saw many folks who did not travel light and what a show,watching them drag two or three bags over the bridges in Venice.

Anyway, that first evening was great! We ate at a little restaurant next to a canal that had been recommended by my wife's cousin and had a great dinner then a stroll to St. Marks where we enjoyed the orchestras and to bed, eagerly anticipating the next day, a tour of Venice on our own....just to wander...see this marvelous city and perhaps the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and what ever else we could squeeze in between seven in the morning and midnight. And one cannot get lost in Venice. There are signs everywhere directing lost tourists back to the Rialto or to San Marco or to any number of other well known places in Venice. All you have to know is which landmark your hotel is near!

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